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montreal vpn solutions, vpn montreal, site-to-site vpn solutions, roaming vpn solutionsIn today's rapidly evolving markets, the need for remote access to your enterprises information and assets is critical. To solve these problems Kubik offers a wide range of vpn solutions.

Roaming vpn solutions

With business being more and more conducted around the globe and the reality of telecommuting,, the need for roaming vpn solution is a necessity. Kubik's innovative technology seamlessly extends corporate-level security and privacy all the way out to your telecommuters and roaming users, regardless of their networking environments. This gives you the control you need over all remote access points, and ensures the security of your company's network. Using Kubik' vpn solutions you can access email, databases and all ressources on your local network from anywhere around the globe as if you were physically in your office.

Site-to-Site vpn solutions

Kubik offer site-to-site VPN to enable all your remote offices and Montreal offices to use and leverage your central software and infrastructures. Kubik VPN solutions help companies establish centralized control over branch offices, point-of-sale (POS) locations, or remote kiosks providing the robust security and performance needed for business continuance. Kubik VPN solutions enable secure, high-speed communications between multiple locations. Kubik vpn solutions offer the performance, reliability, and availability that businesses need to communicate. Traditional site-to-site connections require companies to lease expensive, dedicated data lines that are difficult to deploy and manage. With the advent of affordable broadband and standards-based VPN, organizations can deploy secure remote access via ubiquitous Internet connections. With today's VPN technology and broadband connections, companies of any size can use the Internet to securely communicate with their multiple locations.
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